[title size=”2″]Determination[/title]

September 2013

Whatever makes something special is not just what you have to gain, but what you feel there is to lose  Andre Agassi

A start of a brand new football season!   I must say I’m chuffed that for the 8th season I’ll be pulling on a Stainash shirt and even more chuffed that when I look around our squad, I see faces that I’ve shared Wednesday nights and Saturdays for a number of years.  This bond and togetherness is what makes Stainash different and what also makes Stainash special to me, you and all that are directly/in-directly involved with the club.

As Mr Agassi says in the above quote, its actually not all about what there is to win, what plaudits you may receive and what type of shiny trophy you may receive at the end of the season… it is very much about keeping your pride, putting up a fight and putting in the effort in training and on the pitch to ensure we show every team that any game versus Stainash will be a tough one and we will give them nothing. NOTHING.

Soccer - npower Football League Two - Play Off - Final - Stevenage v Torquay United - Old TraffordNow, being a defender (or trying to be one), I would be happy this season if we kept a clean sheet every game and had at least 60% of possession every match.  Done. Happy.

Goals, well yeah goals are nice and don’t get me wrong I like to nod a couple in every season if I’m lucky, however, goals simply will come naturally if we do all the other things correctly first….goals only take seconds to score remember (football is a 90min match for those who may have forgotten!)

Pressurise the opposition on the ball, defend like heroes when they have the ball and then calmly play our way up the pitch when we have the ball. Pass, move, pass, move, pass, move will always equal some kind of chance and we have the attacking prowess to score and win matches….seriously we do!

I won’t go on much more as no doubt you’re already thinking this essay is too much, however I just wanted to state that if we show the determination we showed in the cup final last season and play with our heads up when we have the ball, this season will be more motivating and special than any previous season. I cannot wait to start it against Beacon Camberley as I feel they already think they will turn us over… I cannot and will not let that happen.

Any chance you get to play a minute in a Stainash shirt this season, take it with both hands and make the best of the opportunity you have….. there’s simply too much to lose if you don’t.

Onwards and Upwards