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Who we are, what we do and how we do it

Our Mission, Vision and Values

The corps’ mission and vision aims to ensure that Staines Corps continues to be relevant to the changing needs of society, providing a resource to meet the needs of the community and a place of Christian worship for everyone.
Our mission is underpinned by that of The Salvation Army. We believe in openly sharing our faith and the good news of God’s love for everyone, helping individuals to develop and grow in their own personal relationship with God, demonstrating a practical concern for all and speaking out against social injustice.
Under God’s guidance, our vision sets out where we see God leading the corps, considering all aspects of its community and global activities. The vision will channel the resources and activities that will guide the corps community through the coming years. The vision will be continuously reviewed under God’s guidance and where local needs change.
We believe that our vision and mission will only be achieved if we build upon a foundation of key Christian values. These values provide guidance for all those walking on the spiritual journey and who are willing to share in the vision.




Our Values

Spiritual Maturity
We recognise that we are all at different stages on our spiritual journey yet all striving to be like Christ. We want to encourage others on their journey and show openness, tolerance and acceptance.
Biblical Instruction
We will endeavour to place the bible at the centre of our understanding of who we are and what we do.
Global Concern
We will focus on helping others, both in the local community and overseas. Recognising global needs are immense, we will focus on specific projects to make a difference where we can.
Personal Involvement
We will commit our time, finances, talents and spiritual gifts to support God’s mission for the corps.
Serving creatively
We will be proactive in serving our community, creatively finding relevant opportunities to meet its needs.
Focused Worship
We want our worship to be God honouring, open to the Holy Spirit’s leading and embracing a variety of worship styles.
Structural Simplicity
In giving of ourselves through service, we will acknowledge our roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, and work within the structures of the corps for effective mission and ministry.
Cultural Engagement
We will continue to understand the needs of ethnic and social cultures within the community and strive to keep our mission culturally relevant. We will welcome everyone into the corps fellowship.

Our Mission

Bringing Christ to the people and the people to Christ
We are a family centered Church with a burning desire to become better Christian disciples, to lead people into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to actively serve the community and fight for social justice.

Our Vision

Saving Souls
We see a community transformed by the saving grace of Jesus Christ, where people can find understanding, healing and restoration, have their needs met and ultimately be saved to become disciples of Jesus Christ.
Growing Saints
We see a corps where all members are followers of Jesus Christ, each finding a place within the Christian fellowship to use his/her spiritual gifts to the benefit of others and to grow in spiritual maturity.
Serving Suffering Humanity
We see a growing body of Christ’s people that reaches out to the community, both globally and locally, making best use of all available resources for the purpose of serving suffering humanity.

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