Cathy Le Feuvre book signing

[title size="2"]Salvation Army founders' love story revealed[/title] LION Hudson has published a new book on Salvation Army founders, William and Catherine Booth. Written by Staines corps member Cathy Le Feuvre, William and Catherine tells the couple’s love story. ‘The main message that I want to get across in the book is that despite their challenges, Catherine and William always believed God was directing their lives,’ ‘They were sometimes confused, but eventually they developed into an amazing couple who created this fantastic organisation which is The Salvation Army.’ Cathy will be launching her new book at Canaan Bookshop, 121 High Street, Staines TW18 4PD. On Sunday 10 November during the evening meeting Cathy will talk about her new book and after meeting books will be available to buy and have signed. If you miss these two opportunities then don't worry as Cathy will also be signing copies of William and Catherine on Sunday 17 November after the morning meeting.