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We hold regular meetings (services) every Sunday at 10.00am. Our meetings offer worship in a modern church environment with plenty of singing and contributions from our band and choirs.  During every meeting, there is opportunity to study the word of God.  For those with young families, our children’s leadership team will invite children and young people to leave the main hall and join in their own activities at 10.30am.

[title size=”2″]Afternoon/Evening[/title]

We also hold additional meetings, usually on the 2nd and 4th Sundays in each month, but it is worth checking our weekly programme as these can sometimes change. Meeting times can be found below.

Our Praise Meetings are held at 12.00 noon and follow our regular morning worship. We hold a separate meeting later in the month when we worship in a less formal setting.

Our regular meetings are usually led by our Commanding Officers (ministers) although occasionally, guest speakers will be invited to lead worship. Our guest speakers may come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and are often Salvation Army ministers serving in other avenues of service.

ALL are welcome to attend and join in at The Salvation Army. Please be assured of a warm welcome at Staines Salvation Army in Ashford, Middlesex.