The Songster Brigade of Staines Salvation Army has been singing since 1911 when just a few voices joined together to create music in praise to God. Since then, the group has grown into a full and vibrant choir. A wide range of both age and profession is represented within the group, but all the members are united by their desire to express their Christian faith through singing. Every songster is a committed soldier of the Salvation Army.

The choir rehearses at 8pm every Thursday evening, preparing a wide variety of music for Sunday worship. Their singing also reaches beyond the Salvation Army building into the wider community; the sound of the songsters can often be heard in homes for the elderly and infirm, local hospitals and shopping centres, as well as in regular Saturday evening concerts. Indeed, the songsters will sing, sing, sing wherever they can to bring the gospel message to life. The songsters have also appeared at the Royal Albert Hall and have featured on the BBC’S Songs of Praise.

One of their latest ventures, however, has been to invite everyone to ‘Come and Sing’. Many members of the community have accepted the invitation and joined the songsters in special ‘Come and Sing’ performances. Be sure to look out for the next opportunity to join in. It’s always great fun.