Staines Salvation Army Band came into being around the turn of the 20th century and has been making music locally ever since. Its main purpose is to communicate the name of Jesus Christ in the local Community and you will often see the band playing in Staines High Street. You may wonder how a brass band communicates – well most of its music is written by Christian composers who use both traditional and modern hymns, many of which are well known, that can help the listener along on a spiritual journey. In more recent times, the band uses modern multimedia technologies in its concerts which complements the music and provides a visual display depicting the music being played.

The band meets every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. for its regular rehearsal to prepare for its contribution to Sunday worship and forthcoming concerts. Meetings at The Salvation Army have always been much of a musical affair ever since Charles Fry started the first Salvation Army Band in Salisbury 1878 and the band continues to assist in providing musical accompaniment to the singing as well as a prepared musical item.

The band can be seen in and around the local area, either supporting the annual Remembrance parade or carolling in the town centre. Besides its work in the local community, the band is occasionally requested to support other Salvation Army centres and has undertaken tours around the United Kingdom as well as visiting Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and Italy.

The band totals thirty three players all of whom are committed Christians and who are full members of the Salvation Army (Salvationists). Both men and women make up the band, all of whom commit their time voluntarily and also represent a selection of professions including city executives, IT specialists, salesmen and a number of retired professionals.

During recent years, the band has opened its doors to anyone interested in joining for rehearsals as a guest or to simply listen to the music. Throughout the year, The Salvation Army hosts a Come and Play/Sing event where guests are then invited to perform with the Salvation Army Band. If you are interested in learning more; either joining the rehearsal or the Come and Play event, please contact The Salvation Army as indicated on our home page.